About Cass Jewelers

Ever since J.H. Cass Sr. established his jewelry store in 1948 the Cass name has represented a Greensboro tradition of quality, excellence, and personalized service.

As a merchant of exclusive high-quality fine jewelry as distinctive as it was alluring, J.H. Cass’ small family owned business reflected his aspirations and ideals, with a shop offering a selection of diamonds, fine jewelry, watches, pendants, pearls, engagement rings, bridal gifts, gold, sterling silver, and pewter items both imported and domestic.

Four generations on, J.H.’s grandson Geoff Cass and his daughter Jordan continue a tradition of Cass excellence still felt today throughout the unique warmth of the store, offering only the finest quality jewelry under the Cass name.

J.H. “Herman” Cass, Sr. 1905-1990

Mary S. Cass 1905-1999

J.H. “John” Cass, Jr. 1931-2015

Stewart T. Cass 1935-2007

Geoffrey T. Cass 1966-

Jordan M. Cass 1996-